This week, we came across an interview by Inc. of Jane Wurwand, co-founder of Dermalogica, a company specialized in skin care products. In this video, she gives her views on hiring. We found it interesting to share it with you.

Why you should hire “dream believers”

Jane Wurwand’s statement is the following: you should hire dream believers. What she means is that you will never be disappointed by this kind of employees. She says that if you are launching as an entrepreneur, you have to be certain of hiring people who are who dream big and are able to take risks. According to her, this category of individuals get your dream and understand it.

How to recruit “dream believers”?

Jane Wurwand looks for people who are risk takers and imaginative. In order to identify those individuals, the “dream believers”, Jane Wurwand asks specific questions to candidates during screening interviews. One of them is: “Where do you go on vacation?”. Jane Wurwand suggests that the kind of vacations people are going on is a good indicator of how creative, risk takers and dreamers candidates are.

What do you think? Would you hire dream believers in your company? Do you believe in this kind of recruiting?