In February 2013, Linkedin undertook a global research study about the key challenges and opportunities that women face at work all around the world. Some interesting trends emerged from this study.

Change in the definition of success

Five to ten years ago, 56% of the women questioned about their definition of “success” answered “earning a high salary”. Today, 63% of them said that “success” now means “finding a good work-life balance”.

Flexibility as the key factor to achieve success

The definition of work-life balance is not written in stone. However, according to this study, a vast majority of women worldwide share the same optimism towards the fact that they can “have it all” (“have it all” meaning “to fulfill a career, a relationship and children”). Moreover, 65% of the women questioned would like greater flexibility at work. They think that would help them achieve a healthy work-family balance. And 80% believe that a flexible work environment will be the most important factor in determining the success of the next generation of working women.

Career challenges encountered by women worldwide

During their career, women face a certain number of challenges. 51% of them said that their biggest challenge is a lack of clear career path. Other challenges mentioned: lack of investment in professional development, inequality in pay, juggling family life, lack of mentor or role model.

The role of physical appearance in a career

The last point raised deals with the role of physical appearance in the development of a career. Regarding this question, 49% of women stated that their physical appearance makes an impression but has no major impact on their career.

What about you ? Did you manage to find a good work-life balance?