Things would be so much easier and better.

Stannis, Daenarys, without forgetting Joffrey, Viserys or Renly to name just a few … Men and women desiring the Iron Throne more than life have in this epic TV serial been numerous. They haven’t hesitated once to shed blood in their violent campaigns for power. Judged by the strength of their blades, and their ability to smash the heads of ennemies, the choice of the King has so far not been based on the ruling abilities and wisdom of any of them.

What if it were possible ? Yes. I am asking you! Do you know what may have happened if One-way Video Interviewing had existed in Game of Thrones? I’m going to tell you. No more blood. And a candidate chosen on the basis of his character, of his ideas, of his righteousness, and not on the basis of his brutality.

1. No more demonstration of power, yay for the weakest!

Resisting Daenarys (live) can prove to be quite foolish. It may indeed result in your skin getting an extra tan at the word « Dracarys ». But the cute princess is powerless, once you question her about her ideals and vision for Westeros, hidden behind your screen. This mode of selection clearly benefits the physically, militarily weakest, such as Renly (RIP bro). This might also encourage commoners such as Varys or (until recently) Littlefinger to make a royal move.

2. The emphasis on charisma and ideas

Yeah, I like this one. Wanna laugh a bit ? Just picture Stannis Baratheon, in a remake of the « King’s speech ». Hilarious. Because, there is no way Stannis Baratheon could ever convince people to choose him over charismatic, eloquent and visionary candidates such as Renly, Littlefinger or Daenarys. Wanna laugh again? Imagine Viserys or Joffrey explaining their vision of consensus and compromise to the people of Westeros.

3. A time saver

Although we all love this TV serial, we’re already at the end of Season 5, and come on, Martin, we still have to find a stable king! Winter is coming, and Daenarys is still playing with her new toys from Meereen , while Stannis, last Sunday, was hoping his recent family barbecue was going to make things go in his way. (Well …) Had video interviewing existed, in two rounds, the matter was settled. Done.

4. A lesser cost for Tax payers / Enslaved commoners

I believe you would all agree with me if I were to say that Video Interviewing is less costly than an Army of Unsullied! No need to beg the Iron Bank for money either …

5. Say no to spatial segregation

The “Game of Thrones” is actually quite unfair. Everything is centralized in Westeros, and often in King’s Landing. Because of this, poor Dady Boy Viserys had to sell his very own sister to get an army and ships to conquer the Realm. Really? And … what if the commoners decided they preferred the King of White Walkers ? I mean duh, your brain would have to be frozen, even before having the warm pleasure of meeting him,  to make such a foolish decision, but still ! Wouldn’t this Wall be unfair ?

6. Finally, consolidate the choice, and ensure stability by making sure all the Nobles agree

What is great with One way video Interviewing, instead of Live Interviewing, is that you can actually decide to share the video with others, to make a decision. And that would solve a lot of problems. It would help ensure the Great Families from the Seven Kingdoms agree on a King, talking: with words, not daggers, without trying to poison you (or worse #OberynMartellTraumaGroup). Imagine Olenna Tyrell having a nice virtual conversation with Tyrion Lannister, Sansa Stark, Daenarys Targaryen etc. That would most certainly get tense at times, but I’m sure they would find a way to make everybody happy at some point. This possibility is not even conceivable the way things currently are.


So yeah, InterviewApp and its one way video interviewing solution would most certainly be a game changer, in Game of Thrones. It would totally reshape the rules of the Game. The weakest could become the strongest and vice versa. The character would be judged, not on the basis of the brutality of his men, or dragons anymore, but on his personality, wisdom, ideas, and leadership. And this, wherever he is. This would open a lot of possibilities, and make the selection process fairer and of higher quality. Of course, for that, Westeros would need Technology (something slightly more advanced than a letter delivery system based on crows). Oh, and Democracy. But guess what, WE do!