Global recruiting trends in 2015

All experienced talent hackers know it: recruiting is changing. It isn’t the same as it was last century or even a decade ago. So recruiters need to adjust and forecast trends. Fortunately, some reports are regularly published, such as LinkedIn’s 2015 Global Recruiting Trends. The report projects that recruiting companies will have to increase their staffing budgets and prepare to hire a […]

July 16, 2015|Talent Hacking|

Harder, Better, Faster: Generation Z Hacking

In our article: « Generation Y Hacking : Go catch them! », we analyzed the profile of generation Y’s digital natives. Thing is they’ll soon become « has been » when the generation Z of youngsters born in the digitized economy between 1995 and 2010 conquer the market place. In the US, generation Z will represent 36% of the workforce by […]

July 14, 2015|Talent Hacking|

Generation Y Hacking: Go catch them!

Generation Y is composed of « digital natives » born between 1978 and 1994, who are the current young workers. Known for their new vision of the corporate life and their attachment to new technologies, they yet remain a mystery to many recruiters. Who are they? What do they want? How to catch them? Read the article to […]

July 14, 2015|Talent Hacking|

Big Data: the future of job recruiting

Big Data, a buzzword destined to last over time

Michael A. Morell, founding & managing partner from Riviera Partners, a technology search and recruitment firm, is positive about one thing: Big Data is the future of job recruiting.

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, in his Harvard Business Review article Digital Staffing: The Future of Recruitment-by-Algorithm, suggests that since people are increasingly spending hours on internet, traces […]

July 9, 2015|Talent Hacking|

Asking the right questions

For a recruiter, a job interview is meant to discover the candidate and to find out if he’d be a good fit for the available position. So without the right questions, a job interview is completely useless. It is the duty of the recruiter to ask the good questions that will allow him to pick […]

July 3, 2015|Talent Hacking|

World’s Most Attractive Employers to Millenials

The last World’s Most Attractive Employers Rankings 2015 by Universum give an insight on what Millenials are seeking professionally. What are the trends? What are the lessons? Read and find out!

Universum has surveyed a huge amount of students worldwide and asked them a simple question: Which company would they like most working for ? The students […]

June 29, 2015|Talent Hacking|

What if InterviewApp had existed in Game of Thrones?


Things would be so much easier and better.

Stannis, Daenarys, without forgetting Joffrey, Viserys or Renly to name just a few … Men and women desiring the Iron Throne more than life have in this epic TV serial been numerous. They haven’t hesitated once to shed blood in their violent campaigns for power. […]

June 26, 2015|Lifestyle, Talent Hacking|

What women want at work

In February 2013, Linkedin undertook a global research study about the key challenges and opportunities that women face at work all around the world. Some interesting trends emerged from this study.

Change in the definition of success

Five to ten years ago, 56% of the women questioned about their definition of “success” answered “earning a high salary”. Today, […]

June 25, 2015|Talent Hacking|

Hiring a project manager

 What makes a successful project manager ?

First of all : why is a project failing? It appears that the top 10 reasons are as follows:

#1. Lack of sufficient charter
#2. Lack of mutual accountability
#3. Unsure of what requires team effort
#4. Lack of resources
#5. Lack of communication
#6. Lack of leadership
#7. Lack of planning
#8. Lack of management support
#9. […]

June 25, 2015|Talent Hacking|

Welcome to the InterviewApp Blog !

Hi there,

Welcome to our brand new blog! We’re very pleased to present it to you. We genuinely hope you’ll like it and find our articles interesting. We’ve decided to keep it simple and fun. Also, we believe you’ll find happiness in the following 5 categories.
What’s new
In this category, we’ll keep you informed of all the latest platform’s features. Basically, […]

June 22, 2015|What's new|

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