Many of you have asked us for more stats about the way you, as well as the people you interview, use InterviewApp. So here you go! These are the new indicators that you can now find on your dashboard.

When you log into your account, these indicators appear on the home page of your dashboard, right under the section showing unread recorded interviews.

Instantly, you will now have access to the following data:

Invitations sent and interviews completed per month

On this graph, you can see the number of interviews sent from your InterviewApp account and the number of interviews recorded by your interviewees, on a monthly basis. We keep track of data since the date of creation of the InterviewApp account of your organisation.

Breakdown of active interviews by status

Once an invitation to take an interview has been sent to a candidate, there are several possible scenarios:

  • the invitation has been sent (valid email): “Invitation sent” status
  • the email entered was invalid: “Bounced” status
  • the interviewee has opened the invitation email: “Email open” statuts
  • the interviewee has declined your invitation: “Declined” status
  • the person has started recording the interview: “Pending” status
  • the person has completed the interview: “Completed” status
  • the person has not completed the interview on time. The invitation is expired: “Expired” status

In order to get a clear and accurate overview of your active interviews to date, we provide you with the breakdown of interviews by status.

Breakdown of interviews by day

The day of the week chosen by your interviewees to take your interview depends on the type of workers they are (students, active, passive, etc.). In order to determine relevant dates for sending your invitations according to the availability of your “target”, you can leverage on the statistics regarding the breakdown of recorded interviews by day, as shown in the below graph:

Breakdown of interviews by hour

It is the same logic for slots chosen by your interviewees to record their interview. The following graph will give you some information about your candidates’ availabilities.

Average time between the invitation and the interview completion

Lastly, in order to set a relevant deadline for the interview, it is interesting to know the average time between the moment when you send your invitations and the moment when your candidates record their interviews. This average data is calculated on the basis of all the active interviews on which you are brought to collaborate, excluding invitations by public link.

We hope this indicators will help you optimise the way you use InterviewApp to manager your interview process. Soon we’ll add individualised statistics per teammate of your organisation’s account. We are willing to listen to any suggestions to improve our service and best meet your needs. So, do not hesitate to contact us!

Happy interviewing on InterviewApp 😉