#1. What is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt serves as benchmark for geek influencer communities online.

Founded in 2013 by Ryan Hoover in Silicon Valley, Product Hunt helps selected early adopters to manage this community by adding products or services that impressed them and that they want to share with the rest of the members.

This status of elitist platform as well as its international dimension make Product Hunt highly strategic to startupers who want to make their products or services better known internationally.

#2. How does it work?

Influencers have to hunt innovations in order to share them to the community. Only them can approve the publication of new products or services on Product Hunt.

Once a product or a service has been added by a product hunter, the latter invites other members of the community to discuss this product or service. Product hunters who take part in the discussion and approve this product or service can “upvote” it. This way, they increase the value of this product or service on the platform, giving it more visibility. Products or services that gather more than 1 000 upvotes might be included in Product Hunt’s newsletter. And, this is kind of the Holy Grail to reach.

#3. But, why are we talking about this today?

Yes, why?

It happens that we have been working on launching InterviewApp on Product Hunt for months now, observing the rules and the philosophy of the platform, trying to get noticed on Twitter by influencers who could add us on Product Hunt, etc. Indeed, our one-way video-interviewing solution would benefit from an exposure on Product Hunt in order to get better known in Europe but also overseas…

Easier said than done! Because submitting a product or a service on the platform is not sufficient for it to be posted on Product Hunt and shared to the community! Indeed, moderators need to give their approval for the product or service to be featured on Product Hunt homepage : https://www.producthunt.com/tech

And suddenly…

On Tuesday 19 April 2016, we received a gift from a member of the Product Hunt community that we did not know at all! Grégoire Gilbert, French entrepreneur living in Sweden and founder of NerdyMakers, featured InterviewApp on Product Hunt!


Therefore, we have the great pleasure to invite you to interact with us on Product Hunt. You can navigate to Producthunt.com/tech. There, you will be able to find InterviewApp in the 19 April section (you can also find us through the search field at the top of the page).

It is a great experience that Grégoire gives us to live. Without him, we wouldn’t have been featured this early on the platform. A big thanks to him!

Our one-way video interviewing solution can help you assess your applicants’ soft skills earlier in the recruitment process. If you are interested in a demo of our service, please follow this link: Ask for an InterviewApp demo.