On 5 April 2016, InterviewApp was awarded by Adecco at the Adecco Startup Tour Paris 2016. This contest, through which Adecco France meets HR entrepreneurs, was an opportunity for a privileged exchange moment with Adecco France teams.

And this is not the whole story!  Following the April meeting, we continued our discussions with Adecco France teams. The result? The integration of our video interview simulator on the home page of the Adecco France brand new website on 21st June.  Less than 3 months to reach a concrete and operational collaboration between a large group and a startup, that’s what we call “being effective”!

Why a video interview simulator on Adecco.fr?

We are very enthusiastic about this collaboration at InterviewApp. Because, since the very beginning, six years ago, we have set ourselves the mission to offer solutions to help people tell their stories and demonstrate their capabilities. By integrating our video interview simulator on Adecco.fr, Adecco France helps us fulfill this mission for a large number of people. We thus wish to warmly thank the entire Adecco France team who has been really committed to ensure the success of this collaboration. THANK YOU!

Moreover, as explained in the French blog article “Manifeste pour une nouvelle approche de la technologie“, we believe in a useful technology serving human beings. Adjusting our one-way video interviewing solution to help candidates improve their employability is an approach that seems extremely constructive and beneficial for both employers and candidates.

Sophie AK GAZEAU, Digital Director at Adecco Groupe France:

« We are delighted with this collaboration that has been implemented really quickly and is based on shared pragmatic goals. The video interview simulator developed by InterviewApp corresponds entirely to the type of services we want to provide to candidates who navigate to our website: it is easy to use and also really complete as we offer more than 150 questions for this training! Our Internet users can practice with this simulator as often as they want and get better prepared for interviews with our customers recruiters.»

How does the video interview simulator developed by InterviewApp look like on Adecco.fr?

Candidates landing on Adecco.fr are invited to train themselves in recording one-way video interviews.

InterviewApp & Adecco

Once candidates have clicked “Entraînez-vous à passer un entretien vidéo”, they are given an explanation about the principle of this training:

Candidates can then train as many times as they want and, this way, work on structuring their responses and on improving their oral communication skills as well as their body language. It is a great way of maximizing their chance of mastering their future video interviews, may they be phone interviews, in person interviews or…one-way video interviews! 😉

Congratulations to Adecco for this committed approach in favor of candidates and thank you for trusting us!

If you also want to help your candidates be better prepared for their future interviews by integrating our video interview simulator on your career website, contact us!