More stats to get the most out of InterviewApp

Many of you have asked us for more stats about the way you, as well as the people you interview, use InterviewApp. So here you go! These are the new indicators that you can now find on your dashboard.

When you log into your account, these indicators appear on the home page of your dashboard, right under the […]

December 14, 2017|What's new|

Why every HR manager should watch The Walking Dead

The worldwide success of The Walking Dead is not only due to the quality of the production but also to the universal themes it addresses. Some lessons can be learned about how to manage human resources in an organisation. Let's see why.
November 11, 2016|Talent Hacking| integrates video interview simulator of InterviewApp

Adecco integrates the video interview simulator developed by InterviewApp on their brand new website! Why that? How does it work? We tell you everything.
June 22, 2016|Humans of InterviewApp, What's new|

InterviewApp featured on Product Hunt !!

InterviewApp is ready to conquer the world! Take part in our adventure on Product Hunt!
April 22, 2016|What's new|

InterviewApp awarded by Adecco at the #AdeccoStartUpTour Paris 2016

InterviewApp est l'heureux lauréat de l'édition parisienne du Adecco StartUp Tour
April 6, 2016|What's new|

The best candidate might not have the perfect resume

The best candidate might not have a perfect resume. And, according to Regina Hartley, scrappers might surprise you in a good way... So, start learning how to detect them earlier thanks to our one-way video interviewing solution!
February 9, 2016|Talent Hacking|

The Talent Hacking Pitch

It is high time recruiters understand we’ve left a few years ago the era of recruitment 1.0 to enter the recruitment 2.0. And it’s not just digital or tech-related. It also has to do with behavior and society. Interactions between the recruiter and the candidate happen to be sometimes reversed, especially when the candidate is in […]

August 24, 2015|Talent Hacking|

Why you should hire “dream believers”

Inc. recently released a video of Dermatologica co-founder who explains that you should hire "dream believers". Find out why.
August 7, 2015|Talent Hacking|

How to build a good career website

The career website is the face of the employer which will be dialoguing with potential candidates. According to the work of Potentialpark, a global employer branding research firm, career sites are not only the most used channel by candidates, with 88% in France, but also where the information is perceived as the most credible. It is therefore […]

August 5, 2015|Talent Hacking|

Hacking Talent in 2025

What impact on recruitment and management?
July 21, 2015|Talent Hacking|

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